No more HOV lane access for California hybrids

California HOV access is moving from hybrids to plug-in and natural gas vehicles.

For plug-ins and natural gas vehicles only

Now you’ll have to buy a plug-in or natural gas vehicle

When hybrid cars were first hitting the scene, states like California offered many incentives to make the cars popular amongst consumers, such as tax incentives and HOV lane access.

Now that hybrid cars have become popularized in California, these privileged incentives are moving to plug-in cars and natural gas vehicles.

As of today, July 1st, the yellow HOV access stickers will no longer qualify single occupant hybrid drivers to utilize the carpool lanes.

However, starting Jan.1, 2012, California will begin to offer green HOV stickers for plug-in vehicles. Natural gas vehicles already qualify for a white HOV sticker that lasts through 2015.

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