Is the luxury segment the key to ‘global sustainability’?

Is luxurious sustainability really sustainable for the rest of the planet?

If only we could all drive a Fisker plug-in. LOL!

Or just an oxymoronic phrase for rich wankers?

If you’re going to buy a luxury vehicle, there is no doubt that buying a green luxury vehicle is better than buying a traditional luxury vehicle.

But can luxury ever really be sustainable, or green?

To be honest, I’d like to own some super fast Porsche or Ferrari.

Would I drive it regularly? No, but every once in a while a man needs to temp fate. At least that’s my nature.

But then, why do I need to own such a vehicle?

Couldn’t I just rent one at track that ensures that my devilish needs only kill myself rather than other innocent victims if I go just a bit too far?

Somehow this idea of luxurious sustainability is just silly to me. In fact, it makes me want to punch Leo DeCaprio straight in the face, but that’s just the Highland Park vibe overwhelming me. Seriously, I think Leo has all the right intentions. But I still want to give him a fat lip.

Of course, the HLP is changing, and I should too. Seriously, next time I go to Johnny’s or The York he’ll probably be there.

Anyway, if you can afford a $100,000 car, are you really living a sustainable life? Maybe.

But making the kind of money that enables one to buy a $100,000 vehicle seems unsustainable by nature. At this point I’m always reminded of the very end of Schindler’s List.

Nevertheless, there are arguments, such as from Tesla’s Elon Musk — easily my hero in the battery-powered space — that suggest that the luxury segment is the key to electric vehicle viability.

Maybe. Or, is it that electric vehicles are the key to the next generation of disruptive profit margins? And here I think maybe I want to give Elon a fat lip too. And then a hug. But a fat lip first.

All too often I hear this argument, that if not for the rich, none of us would have cell phones or LCD screen TVs. Bullshyt. But even if I’m wrong, the world is such a happier and content place because of either cell phones or LCD screen TVs?

I don’t know. Again, I go back to Schindler. One man’s luxury is another man’s suffering ( Or woman’s — sorry ladies).

Without doubt, sustainable luxury is better than just luxury, but the idea that luxurious sustainability is the key to saving the planet is a little unscrupulous, at least in my not very humble opinion.

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