Black Friday worth it for hybrid and EV buyers?

This Black Friday might not be a particularly great day for hybrid shoppers, but there could be some hybrid deals out there.

Searching for Black Friday hybrid deals

More car dealerships are getting in on Black Friday action

Here’s the good news. Black Friday shopping deals are coming to a dealership near you, in a trend that is gaining strength according to industry observers. Besides, it’s the end of the month and the end of the year — time to offload old product to make room for 2012 models — so Black Friday and auto deals just make sense.

But, here’s the bad news. The top deals expected heading into the end of this year will mostly be found in the gas-guzzler segment.

Still, if you’re seriously in the market for a new hybrid, this Black Friday is worthy of some car shopping.

Heading into the new year, Forbes has put together a list of the best end of year deals. While most of the vehicles on the list are large gas-guzzlers, that doesn’t mean extra special hybrid deals won’t be found this Friday.

According to the AutomotiveNews, for example, many dealerships will be trying special deals this Friday. So, while you might not get a super low price on a new Toyota Prius, for instance, you might be able to qualify for special financing or some other kind of incentive. Of course, some dealerships might make one-of-a-kind deals on a Prius or other hybrid vehicles this Friday.

In particular, I’d probably check out the Ford Escape hybrid and the Nissan Altima hybrid, since neither will be produced in 2012. Unfortunately, I’m not sure there are many of those hybrids left out there.

Likewise, I think the 2011 Toyota Camry hybrid is also worth a look since the 2012 Camry hybrid is simply a better car for the money. However, according to Consumer Reports and others, the 2011 Camry hybrid is a great vehicle, so if you can negotiate a deal — at least a few thousand below 2012 Camry hybrid pricing — I’d pull the trigger.

Anyway, if you don’t like lines and avoid Black Friday like the plague, I’m sure the crowds at your local car dealership will be far less annoying. And you might just find an unbelievable deal.

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