$9500 tax credits for Volt and other plug-ins in Maryland

The Chevy Volt won't just qualify for a $7500 tax credit when it goes on sale later this year. In states like Maryland, it will also qualify for an extra $2000 tax credit.

$10,000 back from the gov!

State adds $2000 to Fed’s EV tax incentives

When the Chevy Volt goes on sale later this year, it will be sold in 3 primary markets: Washington, DC, Michigan and California.

Because of its proximity to the DC market, as well as its investment in plug-in vehicles via Fisker, Maryland will offer a $2000 excise motor tax credit, in addition to the $7500 federal tax credit, for plug-in vehicles registered in that state.

Likewise, Maryland will also offer special HOV access to plug-in vehicles as well.

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