A lot of Leafs blowing around my LA neighborhood

The Nissan Leaf works for urban Angelenos

The perfect plug-in for city folk?

Where a plug-in electric car makes a lot of sense

So, a new Chevy Volt ad finds the Volt telling its gas-guzzling parents that it’s electric. Even when the Volt is at the gas station converting gasoline into electricity, I wonder? Maybe.

Nevertheless, it’s this EV focus that makes it so interesting how many Nissan Leafs are blowing around my neighborhood compared to Chevy Volts. Read more…

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Why does everyone lie about fuel economy?

If we all just pretend that this is a 40 mpg vehicle, then it is, right?

40 mpgs in the real world? LOL!

Of course consumers want a 60 mpg truck that costs the same as a 15 mpg truck

The other day on GreenCarCongress  I came across the latest Consumer Federation of America (CFA) study that suggests that the citizenry are on board with the government’s plans to increase CAFE standards through 2025. Comments to this post, 0.

Just a few posts below was another study that suggests that the government is going to whiff big time on CAFE, at least in terms of real world greenhouse gas emission reductions, for instance, all while spending too much buck for too little bang. Last I saw, 18 comments to this post.

Join the herd. No controversy. Question the herd and you’re the moron. Read more…

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A $30,000 Tesla plug-in electric car by 2015?

By 2015, Tesla might be ready to launch a $30,000 plug-in electric car.

An Model X Teaser. $30,000 plug-in next?

To be followed by a Tesla pickup truck?

MotorTrend via Autocar is reporting that Tesla is planning a BMW M3 Series plug-in to come some time after the Model X launches in late 2013/early 2014. While the new Tesla plug-in will be smaller than the M3, it will also offer a smaller price tag, possibly as low as $30,000 for the base model.

And a Tesla pickup truck might not be too far behind. Read more…

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Is the Tesla Model S Bob Lutz’s new Toyota Prius?

The Tesla Model is a great car, but it's still mostly irrelevant in terms of mainstream electrification.

The key to electrification.

Had GM focused on a Model S-like plug-in, rather than the Volt, would they be more successful?

I never liked ex GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz and co-father of the Chevy Volt until I met him. Even then I often haven’t agreed with him, I love his tact, or lack thereof. Lutz shoots from the hip and makes no excuses.

And Lutz’s latest target is the idea that Tesla is such a smarter EV player than GM and the rest of the Big 3. Read more…

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Cash back and financing deals on some hybrid cars now

Best cash back offers and financing rates on hybrid cars.

Save thousands on a BMW hybrid now.

Looking to save some money on a hybrid?

The 4th of July and after is often the best time of year to buy a car. New models are arriving and old models are being discounted.

Unfortunately, when you watch the car commercials, there’s always an * hybrid model not included when it comes to the best deals.

However, according to Forbes, there are several hybrid cars available with offers of cash back or special financing. Read more…

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New study on cheaper plug-in battery prices: Now to 2025

Lithium battery prices should decline significantly through 2025, but that still probably won't be enough to mainstream plug-ins.

Much cheaper Volt battery packs by 2025

Is plug-in success more dependent upon psychology than technology?

After reading the details of a new McKinsey study on lithium-ion battery costs from now through 2025 that forecasts dramatically lower lithium battery prices, I asked Should America go all in plug-in cars on this morning.

So, should America go all in on plug-ins? Read more…

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Mild hybrid cars: Mainstreaming is the only option, now

If there was a time for mild hybrid cars, it's now. However, heading into the future they just won't compare with conventional, full hybrid cars.

If mild hybrids don’t make sense now, will they ever?

Where do mild hybrids fit in?

Conventional hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius and the Ford Fusion hybrid are great rides, but the extra upfront costs of these hybrids scare many consumers away. Even if these cars are more cost-effective than their conventional offerings after a few years, most consumers simply can’t overcome that higher MSRP barrier.

And that’s why mild hybrid cars could make a lot of sense. Read more…

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Better residual value: Hybrid cars versus plug-in cars

The Toyota Prius c offers the best residual value after 5 years, and hybrid cars overall offer better residual value than plug-ins.

c hybrid offers best residual value compared to all hybrids and plug-ins

How does plug-in depreciation compare to hybrids?

Obviously, no one wants to buy a new car and then drive off the lot and suddenly realize its worth drastically less than what was paid. Unfortunately, all new cars lose value as soon as the dealer hands you the keys, which is why savvy financial folks, such as Warren Buffett, only buy slightly used cars.

And residual value after 5 years is an even scarier number.

So do hybrid or electric cars hold their value better? Read more…

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Cool concept but $18,000 is just too much for MyCar

Greentech Automotive's MyCar neighborhood electric car is just too expensive.

$10,000 or less?

But neighborhood electric cars could have potential

Aside from less interest in cars compared to previous generations, another reason millennials are driving less is because many parents are in no hurry to give their kids the keys to the car. Perhaps one day this over-protective attitude could lead to real interest in Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs).

In order for that to happen, however, NEVs such as Greentech Automotive’s MyCar will need some serious price reductions. Read more…

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Is the luxury segment the key to ‘global sustainability’?

Is luxurious sustainability really sustainable for the rest of the planet?

If only we could all drive a Fisker plug-in. LOL!

Or just an oxymoronic phrase for rich wankers?

If you’re going to buy a luxury vehicle, there is no doubt that buying a green luxury vehicle is better than buying a traditional luxury vehicle.

But can luxury ever really be sustainable, or green? Read more…

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